Ardaluin Regeneration Trust evolved from a heritage of supporting the needs of young people from North Belfast. Initially (1970 to 1996) under the variable stewardships of Ballygomartin Boys Secondary School and Cairnmartin Community High School, young people from the school catchments regularly accessed Ardaluin House for a range of residential and extra-curricular adventure learning programmes. During the 1970’s Ardaluin House provided an important opportunity to provide an out of Belfast respite from the conflict between the communities within North Belfast.

Following the formation of Ardaluin Trust as an Independent Trust in 1996, although access was opened up to a wider market of voluntary and community groups, organisations and networks across Greater Belfast and Northern Ireland, the core client user base continued to be weighted towards the Greater Shankill and North Belfast. 

This weighting towards supporting the needs of young people from the most disadvantaged communities within the Greater Shankill and North Belfast has been consolidated following the more recent partnership agreement with Belfast Activity Centre (BAC) in 2011. Increasing numbers of young people have accessed Ardaluin through BAC Youth Build BAC’s longer term personal development programmes.